I guess there are no excuses now. I have the knowledge, I've been designing for others for several years now, I have the computer, It's just a matter of tearing myself away, finding the time to center myself, and clearing my mind of the fear. Focus on what I'd like to present to the world about myself. I have always intended this to be a test bed for whatever I was doing or trying to teach myself. But it seems learning on the fly doesn't allow for that. I figure out how to get over hurtles and move on to the next problem solving. So here goes this random stream of thoughts and desires for this little space in the electronic universe we are all learning about every day. A place that only really exists for as long as you stay and look onto its pages.

I have many thoughts that seem to follow me around about what I might get bold enough to display. A place to write about the music I listen to with help from my friend Mark Damico. Dj extraodinare I might even try to get up some MP3s of the latest breaking music he gets cauz you wouldn't every hear it on the radio. Maybe even a section about my growing collection of the Orb. I do plan on trying to have a searchable list of their entire catalogue. (Now there's a task)

This is just the first step, a start, a new beginning. its time to evolve.

Lunar Orbit

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